Rapides Regional Medical Center holds mock trauma event

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - The Rapides Regional Medical Center’s annual Trauma Symposium took place all day Wednesday in downtown Alexandria. The main talking point this year was crisis - what a patient and medical teams experience during a crisis and its aftermath.

To demonstrate this to those attending the symposium, a mock trauma event was held. Volunteers as well as hospital staff acted out what the reality of a school explosion would look like. Its purpose was to show staff the impact of crisis events and how important it is to handle them correctly.

"This is really to help us, the help care workers, prepare better for that,” said Director of Trauma Services Shawn Moreau. “Help EMS, Fire, law enforcement, unfortunately the coroner’s office, the hospitals, all the medical personnel. There are people from different size hospitals, so that they can all maybe learn something about how to handle this type of emergency."

Among the volunteers who acted in the mock event were Pineville High School students and parents.