Reconstruction nearly complete at historic Bunkie church that burned in 2016

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BUNKIE, La. (KALB) - You may remember back in 2016, the David Haas Memorial Methodist Church in Bunkie caught fire.

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The church was a part of the community for more than 60 years, but due to an electrical issue, it went up in flames, leaving members with nothing to do except watch in disbelief.

Now more than two years later crews are putting some finishing touches on the building.

Members told us a few months back that they hoped the sanctuary would be ready for Easter Sunday. They didn't quite make that date, but now they're saying it could be within the next the 30 to 45 days.

Crews have been working to reconstruct the worship area in a way that resembles the old one, but also has some modern touches. Church leaders even took a poll from the congregation on what they would like to see when it’s completed.

They're also downsizing a bit in the sanctuary, and adding a fellowship hall, kitchen and a couple of offices in the back of the building.

This all connects to the Sunday School Wing that survived the fire and has been serving as a temporary worship area.

Members said it's an incredible feeling to know the work is almost complete.

"It's amazing,” expressed Bill Tebow. “That word is overworked, but that word fits this situation well. It's been a challenge going through what we've gone through to get to this point. But it's really heartwarming and inspirational, and all those other feelings to see it come back together again."

They still have some things to take care of like the floors, and some windows. But they say very soon they'll be opening those red doors once again on Sunday mornings.

If you're interested in the progress, or would like to donate to the David Haas Memorial Methodist Church during the process, you can contact them at 318-346-2764.

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