Rep. Robert Johnson announces run for State Senate

MARKSVILLE, La. (Rep. Robert Johnson) - On Tuesday, State Representative Robert Johnson of the 28th district announced his candidacy for the 28th district of the Louisiana State Senate via a social media web video.


The video was released on the Representative’s new state senate campaign Facebook page.

“Twelve years ago, when you elected me as your state representative I made you a promise,” says Representative Johnson in the video announcement. “I promised to put you first. I promised to work with anyone and any party to help the great state of Louisiana to create more and better-paying jobs, improve education for our children and fight for what’s right.”

Representative Johnson goes on to highlight some of his accomplishments while in the legislature.

“Together we’ve made so much progress but there’s so much more to do. Our schools can be better, our economy can be stronger, healthcare and prescription drugs can and should cost less,” says Johnson. “And those are the battles I want to fight for you in the state senate.”

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