Retired LC professor, Dr. Thomas Howell, debuts new book on campus

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PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - One longtime Louisiana College professor was back on campus on Friday morning. But not for any class or lecture; instead to debut his new book.

Source: KALB

Considered one of the favorites in the Wildcat family, Dr. Thomas Howell taught history at LC for 40 years before heading to William Jewel College in 2006. He taught there for another 12 before retiring.

Now he's back at home, and proud to show off “Soldiers of the Pen, an academic book highlighting the Writers' War Board, a group of media figures who volunteered to create propaganda for the WWII effort.

He said it took years to complete, and he's excited to show it off where he did a lot of his research.

"It's coming home,” expressed Dr. Howell. “And I'm really glad to be back here. I've been so delighted to see the campus here in the last few years is so improved, the buildings look better, Guinn Auditorium looks better. I'm just an admirer of what this group of people and this administration has been able to do. It just brings joy to my heart. And I live two blocks away! So I see it every day! It's great to be here."

Dr. Howell's book can be checked out at the Louisiana College library, he even left the school a signed copy.

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