Rotary guest Lane Grigsby calls for government reform in Louisiana

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - How many special sessions will the legislature have until they are not special anymore? That was a question posed Tuesday by Cajun Contractors and Engineers, Inc. Founder Lane Grigsby.

Grigsby was in town for a noon-time luncheon. He's an Alexandria native and a 1959 Bolton High School graduate.

He joined the army, graduated from LSU and started his company. He has also served on boards like the Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce and has always been involved in politics. His latest project is looking at Louisiana's government with Constitutional Coalition 2020.

Grigsby wants the coalition to put all of Louisiana's problems on the table. He said there is no organization in the government and it needs to be reformed. He also said the revenue stream needs to be reanalyzed.

"We are not solving our problem," Grigsby said. "No one stands up and tells the emperor he is naked. We have no leadership in Baton Rouge and we have got to decide as a people we have had enough."

He also touched on education and said 31 cents out of every dollar goes to the pension plan, which is not helping a single kid. He said we have no future if we can't educate the kids.

"God has blessed us with a wonderful state, and we squander it," Grigsby said. "Because we don't get the very most out of what this state could offer to us as a people. But, we seem to just be satisfied with being mediocre."

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