RoyOMartin awards money to Ruby Wise Elementary

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Ruby Wise Elementary was awarded a generous donation on Monday.

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As part of a long-standing partnership between the Martin family and the school, RoyOMartin presented school Principal Harry Welch with a check worth $7,500 dollars.

The partnership started in 1951 when Roy O Martin, Sr. donated timber to Ruby Wise Elementary. The timber was harvested in 2001 and brought the school over $120,000.

"Money does really grow on trees," Martin III said. "We replanted that, and now harvesting pulpwood off of that property. We're bringing the school another $7,500 dollars from this first thinning."

The 2001 dedication of timber has been reestablished with the school for another 50 years.

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Some ROM employees were also at the presentation with their children who are Ruby Wise students.

"Christmas came early this year." Principal Harry Welch said.

He told News Channel 5 the money will be used for technology and instructional supplies for the students ahead of standardized testing for the school year.

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