Runners honor fallen heroes at Ruck for the Shield

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Remembering fallen heroes; that's what men and women did this morning in Alexandria at Ruck for the Shield.

Source: KALB

It's a friendly competition put on by the Fraternal Order of Police and the Alexandria Police Department, and sponsored by Popeyes and Antoon Hospitality Group.

The purpose is to honor officers killed in the line of duty one mile at a time. The trek is 13 miles, and, if that doesn't sound hard enough, competitors wear a 35 pound ruck.

Runners said the rucks feel heavier the farther they go, but at every mile there's a name of a fallen officer to keep them going.

It's their way to show that these heroes may be fallen, but never forgotten.

"What makes me want to do it is each mile marker, seeing the fallen officers, and knowing what they went through,” said Matthew Voorhies. “Knowing that I’m going through pain, they went through worse. And that just keeps me going every mile."

"It means something to you,” said Matthew Morrow. “Doing something for someone else, doing something for someone who risked their lives on the first line of duty. They were just doing their jobs, and it means the world to us knowing that we can do something for them and try to give back to the community."

Here’s a look at the winners of the race:

1st Place: Terrell Vincent, brother of Trooper Steven Vincent who was killed in the line of duty in 2015.
2nd Place: Josh White

1st Place: Louisiana Army National Guard

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