Salvation Army Alexandria Corps prepares to respond to Tropical Storm Barry

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (Salvation Army) - Salvation Army personnel in Alexandria are gearing up to respond to the effects of Tropical Storm Barry.

The National Hurricane Center has reported the tropical system is expected to make landfall in Central Louisiana early Saturday morning producing heavy rainfall and flooding.

Preparation for this event began days ago when the Alexandria Corps began coordinating with its disaster relief counterparts, located in Jackson, Mississippi. As a whole, the Salvation Army has placed as many as 28 Salvation Army units on standby. These units are prepared, as needed, to provide disaster relief equipment and personnel to affected areas along the Gulf Coast and affected areas inland, to include Alexandria. Service delivery will include the deployment of canteens stocked with meals, snacks and hydration and trained personnel to provide emotional and spiritual care. Each mobile feeding unit (canteen) has the capacity to provide anywhere from 500 to 1,000 meals per day.

The Alexandria Corps is on standby and continues to monitor this system in coordination with local emergency management officials. In addition, the Corps is making room to allow more homeless persons to find shelter through this event. Major Glenn Riggs, Corps officer for the Alexandria Salvation Army said, “We’re going to open up additional room in our day shelter from Saturday at 9 a.m. until at least Sunday, in partnership with the Central Louisiana Homeless Coalition.”

To maintain situational awareness, the Salvation Army disaster personnel are working in close coordination with local and state emergency management partners which aids in the identification of the most affected areas and determination of entering that area when it is deemed safe to do so.

Terry Lightheart, the ALM Division Emergency Disaster Services Director stated, "Preparedness and partnerships are key to an effective disaster relief response and recovery. The Salvation Army seeks to "Do the Most Good" which includes providing much-needed resources to the communities where we serve in a time of need."

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