Samsung's $1,000 Note 9 is great - but so is the cheaper S9

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NEW YORK (AP) - For $1,000, the Galaxy Note 9 is a superb phone that's the best Samsung has to offer.


But for a few hundred dollars less, you can get many of the same features in Samsung's Galaxy S9, including zippy speeds and camera improvements.

What does a thousand bucks get you? A bigger screen and larger battery, of course. Beyond that, though, it's mostly a camera jazzed up with artificial intelligence for optimizing colors and lighting and a stylus that doubles as a remote photo and music controller.

As with previous Note models, the Note 9 will mostly appeal to die-hard Samsung fans, hard-core gamers and on-the-go executives who are on their phones constantly.

If you're not one of them, you ought to take a second look at the cheaper, six-month-old S9.

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