Sen. Cassidy talks enhancing Cenla's economy

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Enhancing Cenla's economy was a big focus in Senator Bill Cassidy’s speech at the Cenla Chamber of Commerce luncheon in Alexandria on Monday.

Senator Bill Cassidy talking industry and the economy at the Cenla Chamber of Commerce luncheon. | Photo Source: KALB

Cassidy spoke about working with local leaders to better find out how to bring industry to Cenla.

He also said they are working on Capitol Hill to lower prescription drug costs.

"We do a lot of things in Washington D.C. but we need local and state leadership to work, it's a partnership. I'm pleased to say there's great leadership here, and I'm looking to extend that partnership for the benefit of us all," said Senator Cassidy.

Cassidy also said they are in the works of a project, saying a recent study showed Cenla would be a prime location for storing carbon dioxide underground.

The senator didn't elaborate but said hopefully he will have more information soon.

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