Senate holds hearing on poor housing for military families

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS News / C-SPAN) - The Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing on Wednesday to investigate growing problems in the military housing privatization program.

Image Source: CBS News / Jan Crawford

More than 200,000 homes are managed by private contractors on military bases across the country. The Air Force pays a basic housing allowance of nearly $2,200 a month directly to contractor Corvias Military Living

CBS News reported that the Pentagon pays nearly $4 billion per year in rent to private housing contractors managing properties in nearly every state, but many of the houses are in disrepair, and military families have long felt they had nowhere to turn to get help.

See the attached video stream above for the full Senate hearing from Wednesday.

For extended in-depth details into these housing conditions and more information regarding the hearing itself, check the "Related Links" tab.

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