Service station coming to Lake Buhlow area

PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - A new full-service gas station is coming to Pineville.

This is the location off Versailles in Alexandria. The company said the Lake Buhlow location will look like this. | Photo Source: KALB

The Pineville Downtown Development District approved the sale of land across from Lake Buhlow to Y-Not-Stop.

The board unanimously approved the sale of land on Rainbow Drive to St. Romain Oil Company for $400,000, the parent company of Y-Not-Stop.

They plan to build a service station like the one they have on Versaille in Alexandria.

"We see great potential in this market," said Annie Gauthier, Co-Owner and CFO of Y-Not-Stop. "It's a beautiful part of the world with a lot of exciting things going on and it's exciting being a part of the growth and development coming to the area."

Gauthier said they hope the gas station will be open by 2022.

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