Show and Sell: Kids take over the Alexandria Farmers Market

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Every Tuesday from three to six locals gather at the Alexandria Farmers Market for fresh produce and homemade goodies. But, on this particular day, they were joined by a younger crowd eager to do the selling.

Last summer eight kid vendors participated, but this year they bumped that number up to 11. Once they set up, the kids quickly learned about the business world.

"We didn't get really any business basically," said 11-year-old vendor Truett Mullins. "And then like 10 to 15 minutes afterward it was just constant."

Siblings teamed up, like Truett Mullins and his two brothers who picked figs and squeezed lemons.

"When you work outside in Louisiana it's really hot," Mullins said.

The CLEDA run farmers market aims to sprout mini makers.

"It's a hands-on experience with entrepreneurship," said Market Manager Allison Tohme. "They are creating things, they are dealing with money. Having to give change, do a little math."

Tohme said they want kids to know their worth.

"Even though they are kids, they have the power to create, make change and be little businessmen and women," Tohme said.

For 13-year-old business co-owner William Manuel it's all about the people.

"You never know what you are going to see, and all the different people that you meet going to the different farmer's markets," Manuel said. "Just traveling mostly, meeting new people."

He hopes to grow his honey business, '2 Guys Honey', with his uncle.

"Bees just kind of fell into the right place at the right time, sparked the idea '2 Guys honey'.

Other vendors are saving for a vacation.

"We are going to Galveston, Texas and this is just kind of spending money for souvenirs and stuff like that," said vendor Si Bell.

Some are simply enjoying the payoff.

"It's so satisfying because it's like you put all that hard work in and then you get what you earned," said 14-year-old vendor Josie Lacour.

Whatever the reason, Tohme hopes their motivation rubs off.

"We have an equal number of kid vendors as we do adult vendors," Tohme said. "So, I'm secretly looking at our adults and saying hey look at these kids, they are showing up and showing us what they've got."

The mini-market is held twice a year, but Tohme said they are looking for more opportunities in the future.

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