Significant weather Wednesday into Thursday

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - A very active weather pattern is creeping up on Cenla pretty quickly. This gives us the chance to see heavy rain accumulation, strong to severe storms and the possibility to see some flooding. We are already saturated and may not be able to hold much more precipitation, which leads to flooding.

These showers and thunderstorms will persist to the east and will move into Cenla Wednesday afternoon and into Thursday evening. Our severe threat is in play through the afternoon and will linger into Thursday. With this, we have the ability to see large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. The winds are likely to exceed 60 mph.

With flooding being a concern, we are looking at totals ranging from 2-6 inches and some areas are looking closer to 8-10 inches. This all depends on how long the front is going to stall over the area. Flash flooding is possible as we are already under a Flash Flood Watch until 1:00 pm on Thursday. The more concerning thing is the long-term problems that could lead to more flooding. We could see the rivers and lake to continue to rise through mid-April before they get back to their more normal levels.

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Many people are unsure what the difference is between tornado damage and straight line wind damage, along with the difference between a wall cloud and a scud cloud.

Tornado damage is more difficult to determine due to the different scaled of tornadoes. When you see debris that is more scattered, it could look like a bomb went off depending on the strength of it. With is being more scattered, it is due to the swirling motion that is created within the twister which will cause trees, cars, or anything else in the path to change locations. The tornadoes are possible to be tied in knots as the wind direction could change quickly.

Straight line wind damage is easier to identify due to trees laying in the same direction.

Wall clouds are a good indication that you need to seek shelter immediately as it is the lowering a section of the thunderstorms. Many times, these are associated with strong or severe storms with a possibility of a tornado.

Scud clouds are not an indication of an incoming tornado. Instead, these are just low-level clouds that are leftover fragments from thunderstorms that are dying off. They can be mistaken for a funnel cloud or a tornado at times but they are harmful.

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