Students get in business mindset at Tunica-Biloxi Rural Summit

MARKSVILLE, La. (KALB) - The future of rural Louisiana communities isn't solely in the hands of current business leaders, but the next generation as well. The Tunica-Biloxi tribe made sure college students took part in their first Rural Economic Development Summit.

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Summit meeting rooms were filled with people of all ages who wanted to get ahead in the business world. Tunica-Biloxi co-hosted the event with Southern Law University Center.

“Some people want to go into business law,” said SULC student Mike Henry. “This gives us an opportunity to see the groundwork of how you would eventually get involved in that."

Students got into the business mindset and attended panel discussions focused on innovation, marketing, healthcare and broadband opportunities in rural areas.

"Regardless, if you are from a large area, small area, we are all in the state of Louisiana,” said SULC student Eli Bell. “The lowest of the areas right now is the rural communities. They are struggling so much with job opportunities. We are the ones that are helping impact that."

Governor John Bel Edwards spoke at Wednesday's breakfast. He was pleased that the tribe was working to improve rural areas.

"There are opportunities that we need to be creating, there are things we need to take advantage of,” Governor Edwards said. “There are certainly some challenges that we have to overcome. So, to be able to come here and talk to folks about economic development, and really to engage with students, I think it is critically important.

Organizers hope to make the summit a yearly event.

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