Study shows working from home can benefit employees and companies

Published: Nov. 19, 2019 at 5:22 PM CST
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A growing number of people can go to work without ever leaving the house. And new research shows it can be beneficial for both employees and companies.

Dakota Smith’s work commute is only to his living room once or twice a week. He’s a chief strategy officer at the travel site Hopper. According to Smith, “The benefits are having the time to focus at home, free from the distractions of an open plan office space.” Smith says he gets more done at home, but he wouldn’t want to do it every day because he enjoys seeing his colleagues.

Some employees at Hopper work remotely every day and it’s part of a growing trend. Many major companies like Amazon, Apple, Dell, and Halo Top Creamery don’t require employees to come to the office. And LinkedIn estimates that there’s been a 78% increase in job postings that mention work flexibility since 2016.

Raj Chourhury, an Associate Professor at Harvard Business School said, “The phenomena we are studying is what I call ‘work from anywhere.’” Choudhury was part of a Harvard Business School research team that found remote work not only allows for a flexible schedule, but workers are often more productive than their in-office colleagues. Remote workers also save money from not having to commute and they can live in more affordable areas. “I want to work for these really cool tech companies in Silicon Valley, but I can’t afford the rent over there. Now, you don’t have too,” said Choudhury.

Studies have also shown that people that work from home also work more hours than their colleagues who work in an office.

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