Taurnena Foster's attorney files for new trial

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - We have an update in the case of Taurnena Foster, the woman who was convicted by a Rapides Parish Jury of the lesser charge of manslaughter for allegedly distributing a fatal dose of carfentanil back in January 2018 to Jakelynn Ammons, 19.

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Ammons was found dead in a car near a local hotel. Foster had been indicted for second-degree murder. This conviction carries up to 40 years in prison.

Now, Foster’s attorney, Glenn Cortello, is filing a motion for a new trial, claiming in part, that the state did not have sufficient evidence to prove beyond a doubt that Foster committed any felony that would fall under the category of manslaughter.

The motion also claims that the defendant was denied the right to “see the evidence against her at trial,” essentially not allowing her the opportunity to properly confront her accuser and defend herself.

The motion will go to Judge Doggett to make a final decision. Foster’s sentencing is set for May 28.

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