Teachers utilize 'Zoom' to keep classes going

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LEESVILLE, La. (KALB) - The COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to shut their doors and close their facilities, but students and teachers at the First Assembly Christian Academy are still finding a way to have class.

Students and teachers at the First Assembly Christian Academy are still finding a way to have class, despite the pandemic. | Source: KALB

"I know it's a little out of the box for our parish," Jon Bush, the principal of the First Assembly Christian Academy, said. "Not too many people in our parish or state are doing it, but we stand out here at First Assembly."

The school is stand out by using an app called Zoom.

"Zoom was the best thing for us," Bush said. "They stayed here and worked late hours into the night building a platform."

The swift work of teachers and administrators allowed class to resume just two weeks into the pandemic.

"We were out of school a week," Bush said. "[Then] I think we started the second week. So, there was no loss of classroom time."

Despite, the change in teaching methods, the standard remained the same.

"This platform is as serious as being in a classroom," Bush said. "They have to be in class every day attentive. If they don't, they get marked absent."

Also, if a student did not have internet access, teachers and administrators would make sure the student's work gets delivered to his or her doorstep.

"Parents have really enjoyed it," Anne Marie Chesher, the vice principal for First Assembly Christian Academy, said. "Some of the students have really thrived doing distance learning."

However, students are not the only ones excelling.

"The teacher of the year award goes to Lauren McClinton," Bush announced.

When asked about distance learning, McClinton gave a lot of credit to her students.

"It is not easy," McClinton said. "It has been a challenge, but my kids overcome every boundary that comes there way."

"The other award goes to Mrs. Chesher," Bush said. "She is our administrator of the year because Mrs. Chesher is so great."

"I love being here," Chesher said. "Mr. Bush is a fearless leader. He does so much for us. He truly cares about this school, and we have such supportive parents this is an honor and I love it."

A successful school year altogether, thanks to innovative thinking and hardworking students.

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