Teaching 9/11: Pineville JROTC students helps younger generation honor lives lost

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PINEVILLE, La.(KALB) - September 11 is a day we'll never forget, but for today's youth, it's an event they don't even remember. Many born in 2001 are already college freshmen.

Lessie Moore Elementary School students learn what 9/11 is all about. | Photo Source: KALB

So, it was no surprise when Lessie Moore Elementary students were wondering what Wednesday was all about. The school held a flag dedication and Pineville High School's JROTC students taught them about the many lives we lost that day.

"I didn't know anything about today, just that it was September 11,” said third-grade student Jaiden Thornton.

It was just another day for Lessie More students, too young to know what happened 18 years ago.

Pineville High School's JROTC students also lack memories of 9/11.

“I was a pee wee little baby,” said Pineville Senior Tay’jah Davis. “So, I don't really remember anything. I just know stories."

However, they know it's something they can't let anyone forget.

"I think it is very important to remember a lot about that day,” said Pineville Senior Ethan Asper. “Especially because it really started a lot and changed a lot in our country, laws and everything. It’s a really good thing to teach kids nowadays."

They raised a flag at half-staff to honor lives lost, but also gave students a crash course on the stars and stripes.

“The stripes represent the colonies and the stars represent the states,” Leonard said.

State Representative Mike Johnson presented the school with the flag. He hopes it shows the importance of patriotism, especially on such a historic day.

“What we are emphasizing is not the tragedy as much as how the country came together,” Rep. Johnson said. “And how we love our country, the basis of patriotism and allegiance to our country. So, it is a good teaching moment from the standpoint of how our country came together."

It's a difficult part of the past for students to hear.

"It made me respectful for a lot of stuff,” Leonard said.

But, it is essential to pass on for generations to come.

“It made me actually feel good, so I can remember everyone,” Thornton said.

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