Teen in jumpsuit not allowed into homecoming dance

TAMPA, Fla. (WFTS/CNN) - A teen says she was kicked out of her homecoming dance because of her outfit.

Darcy Krueger said she wasn't allowed into a school dance because her jumpsuit didn't follow the dress code. (Source: Jennie Ellis Photography, WFTS via CNN)

Darcy Krueger's mother took to social media to air her frustrations after her daughter couldn't get into the TampaBay Homeschool homecoming dance on Friday.

"Didn't specify that jumpsuits for ladies were not allowed. Her outfit would be considered semi-formal. She has it all dressed up and she's modest," said Melissa Krueger.

The event organizer said a dress code online laid out the rules: Boys had to wear dress pants, button-down shirts and a tie. Girls had to wear semi-formal dresses, but not "dresses that are too revealing or simply too short."

"I already had this in the closet and I was like, 'Hey, this could totally work,'" Darcy Krueger said.

Because Darcy Krueger chose a jumpsuit, and not a dress, she wasn't allowed in. She said she was told if she changed into a dress, she could be let into the dance, but she decided not to come back.

"I think it's very unfair that boys can wear pants, but girls can't," Darcy Krueger said.

Darcy Krueger and her mom want to see the rules change.

"She didn't let it get to her self worth and dignity. She didn't let it tear her down," Melissa Krueger said.

Darcy Krueger was refunded the $50 she spent on a ticket.

Jennie Ellis, a Tampa Bay-area photographer, saw the story on Facebook and offered to help Darcy Krueger have something positive come from the experience: A free photo shoot in the jumpsuit.

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