Teens hospitalized with lung cancer; doctors suspect vaping

(CNN VAN) - Vaping might appear to be safe, but it seems to be sending kids to the hospital.


Minnesota's Department of Health has issued a strong warning to parents and teens about serious lung damage due to vaping.

When e-cigarettes first came on the scene, many saw a safer alternative to smoking tobacco. But inside Children's Hospital, lies proof they're not.

Four teens are being treated at Children's for pulmonary disease.
Pediatric Pulmonologist, Dr. Ann Griffiths, says the vaping epidemic is causing serious damage.

Inhaling the battery-heated, vaporized chemicals can lead to shortness of breath, fever, coughing, dizziness and chest pain.

By design, e-cigarette marketing is clever. Devices can be hidden in the drawstrings of a hoodie. E-cigarettes have surpassed conventional smoking among teens - one in five vapes regularly.

But what's most alarming, is how quickly vaping is landing young users in hospitals. Another big concern is long term damage to the lungs in such young patients.

Doctors are hopeful patients will make full recoveries, but since this is all so new, they simply do not know.

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