The Army celebrating 244 years of service

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Friday marks 244 years of service from our soldiers.

Staff Sergeant Crystal Fox | Photo Source: KALB

As a way to celebrate another year of the Army, more than 10,000 soldiers are participating in a nationwide campaign.

"Call to Service" is this year’s theme, hoping to create awareness about the 150 Army career opportunities and benefits.

Soldiers said the campaign is a perfect time to reflect on the Army's impact on our nation and discuss different ways that the youth can contribute to the Army's legacy.

Staff Sergeant Crystal Fox, with the U.S. Army recruiting station in Alexandria, said being in the Army was originally a short term goal, but after being a soldier for nine years, she loves it and hopes she can continue recruiting even more young adults.

"It provides medical, health benefits for my children, my spouse, as well as myself,” Staff Sergeant Fox explained. “It has actually helped me with tuition assistance, I received my degree in paralegal studies, and I’m actually still going to school now to get my second degree in criminal justice."

In the last two months, Staff Sergeant Fox was named top recruiter for the Shreveport Recruiting Company.

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