The Mississippi River is rising

Published: May. 16, 2017 at 5:46 PM CDT
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Excessive rain during the past few weeks over the Mississippi River drainage basin is causing flooding along the river. Here is more detailed information for the lower Mississippi River:


Today's Stage...52.0 ft

Trend...up 0.6 ft

Flood Stage...48.0 ft

Crest...54.5 ft on Tuesday, May 23rd. This is considered a moderate flood. The river is expected to fall below flood stage by June 1st.

History...A crest of 56.8 ft occurred on January 17, 2016.

Effects...Some camps and homes are flooded around Fort Adams. If the crest reaches 55.0 ft, then Pond Road in Fort Adams will flood.


Today's Stage...53.9 ft

Trend...up 0.5 ft

Flood Stage...48.0 ft

Crest...58.0 ft on Wednesday, May 24th. This is considered a moderate flood. The river will fall below flood stage by June 5.

History...A crest of 58.1 ft occurred on May 31, 2009.

Effects...All river islands along the reach from Red River Landing to Baton Rouge will be inundated. Angola farmland of the left bank will be flooded.

Gauges on the Black River system at Jonesville Lock and Acme show the water level is rising steadily; however, a flood crest is not expected to develop.