The Veteran's Spouse Project holds their "I Will Wait" play

Several military spouses bonded together by participating in a special play. | KALB
Several military spouses bonded together by participating in a special play. | KALB(KALB)
Published: Mar. 12, 2020 at 12:33 AM CDT
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Wednesday evening at the Celebrations in Leesville, on Third Street and underneath the stage lights, several military spouses performed in a special play.

"I just started writing," Amy Uptgraft, the artistic director for Veteran's Spouse Project (VSP) said. "I thought even if this doesn't do anything, but help me feel better, it's worth it."

"It just does what theatre does best," Lea Johnson, the managing director for VSP said. "Start conversations and breakdown some of those walls that might exist."

Both Uptgraft and Johnson are part of VSP, a nonprofit organization dedicated to telling stories of military spouses.

"It's been such a healing experience," Wendy Caldwell, the expressive arts director for VSP said. "For me personally, to connect with other spouses who also see the need to shine the light on the well-being of spouses and sharing the spouse's stories."

"Here at Fort Polk in Leesville, we've brought on some military spouses who have never really done theatre before and we've partnered them with the community actors," Johnson said. "It's just another way to bring the two communities together."

The play titled "I Will Wait" tells the story of military spouses from every generation.

Wednesday's crowd help approximately 75 people. The organization says it will also host an expressive workshop on March 13 and 14 at Fort Polk.

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