The importance of preserving downtown Alexandria's history

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Father Chad Partain spoke to the Alexandria Rotary Club on Tuesday about historic preservation in the downtown area, and its importance for cultural and economic development.

Hotel Bentley in downtown Alexandria | Credit: KALB

Father Partain says that the Hotel Bentley plays a key role as an anchor in future development, citing it as the last real historic public venue that remains downtown.

He hopes to see more sites, such as Shiloh Baptist Church, added to the historical registry and eventually stored, creating another historical public venue.

“In order for us to truly preserve, protect and promulgate our history in light of the future, we need a growing and working coalition,” said Father Partain. “We need to make the state aware of our efforts. We need allies in the state museum structure that already exists.”

Father Partain hopes to eventually see a walking tour downtown, highlighting the area's historical sites.

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