The perfect score: How a Bolton High School student aced the ACT

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - "I stopped breathing first, and then I had to sit down," said Bolton High School Senior Tess Brown.

After anxiously waiting for her ACT scores Brown received a shock Tuesday night, a perfect 36.

"We were all just screaming and jumping up and hugging each other," Brown said.

She previously scored a 34 but couldn't help trying again.

"I wanted to raise it by one point but it ended up going up by two points," Brown said.

She gives a lot of the credit to God and her teachers.

"The day of the test I prayed in my car and I prayed right before my test for peace and focus, and god really delivered," Brown said. "I felt good about that test."

Brown said telling those teachers felt like telling her own parents.

"She called me at home and I believe I screamed so loud I woke my neighbors," said Bolton Science teacher Janell Koffman.

Koffman said the chances of scoring a 36 are very rare.

"0.136 percent, that is unbelievable," Koffman said.

"The average national ACT score for the 2017 graduating class was 21 and Louisiana's average was 19.5, according to the ACT website."

The score even stunned her English teacher Nancy Monroe who has been at Bolton for 42 years.

"Since I have been keeping records and taking care of things, there has not been anyone who has had a 36," said Monroe.

While keeping up with a 4.0 and extracurriculars, Brown also finds time to tutor her peers, starting a club with the school's librarian.

"She is really smart, but she is not a person that makes you feel intimidated at all," said Bolton Librarian Jane LeBlanc. "You are always encouraged about what you can do when you leave her. And I feel that too as an adult."

Brown said she loves helping students achieve their academic goals.

"I tutored one person in Math and he did well on a test and he told me a couple weeks later. I was just so happy. I was like yes, I knew you would."

With graduation not far off, she can't believe how fast the last four years have flown by.

"This school has become like a home to me, but at the same time I am really excited for what I can do in the future," Brown said.

After graduation Brown hopes to pursue a Pre-med Biochemistry degree, go to medical school and practice family medicine or dermatology.

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