The risks of hydroplaning and what you can do to stay safe

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(KALB) - A wet weekend is in store for Central Louisiana this weekend as a cold front will move through the area. That means a lot of wet roads as you head out and standing water is possible. That could lead to hydroplaning.

Hydroplaning is when your car tires lose contact with the roadway and you can start to skid or slide. The tires encounter the water and then it has nowhere for it to go. Your vehicle encounters more water than it can scatter and moves to other places.

Even with light rainfall, the first ten minutes can be the most dangerous. This happens because when rain mixes with oil residue, it creates slippery conditions, especially when traveling over 35 mph. When you are going over 35 mph, there is a better chance of hydroplaning. The faster you drive, the harder it is for your tires to have traction on the road.

How can you avoid it?
-Make sure your tires are properly inflated.
-Slow down when the roads are wet.
-Avoid driving in the outer lanes where the water likes to build up.
-Turn off cruise control.
-Avoid hard braking.
-Stay away from puddles and standing water.
-Avoid sharp or quick turns.

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