These states have the sexiest, and ugliest, accents in America, according to a survey

Published: May. 16, 2019 at 10:32 AM CDT
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A recent survey published by travel company Big 7 ranked the sexiest accents in the country.

A “Southern accent with a twist," the travel blog says Texans’ use of strong ‘r’s and plenty of ‘Howdy’s’ is sexier than any other accent in the country.

Boston, New York, Maine, and Chicago round out the top five. The Cajun accent received top-15 honors.

"New Orleans’ Cajun English is most strongly influenced by Cajun French, and is experiencing a revival as younger people want to celebrate their heritage," the survey reads. "A ‘th’ sounds like a ‘d’, and you’ll hear lots of slang French loanwords."

The rankings were voted on by the company's 1.5 million social media followers.

Mississippi’s sixth-ranked “classic ‘Deep South’ accent” turns the "e" sound into a “uhay,” the description reads.

The “Lawnguyland” and New Jersey accents took the bottom two spots. The Alaskan accent landed in forty-seventh place, simply because they sound like Minnesotans, whose accent came in at forty-eighth.

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