Three 13-year-olds arrested for planning shooting at Grant Junior High

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GRANT PARISH, La. (KALB) - Three 13-year-olds have been arrested for terrorizing after the Grant Parish Sheriff's Office said they were overheard planning a shooting at Grant Junior High.

(Source: KALB)

Sheriff Steven McCain told News Channel 5 that another student overheard the planning and reported it to authorities. The sheriff's office began investigating, was able to intervene, and arrested the three students who all go to Grant Junior High.

Sheriff McCain said two of the students are boys and one is a girl. He also told us that this is the third incident in Grant Parish this school year alone.

Last month, a 16-year-old male Georgetown High School student was arrested for making threats that he planned to harm a teacher and students at the school. We're also told there was an earlier incident this year, also at Grant Junior High, where an arrest was made.

Sheriff McCain tells News Channel 5 that there is no school resource officer at Grant Junior High. This, after a sales tax increase to put school resource officers in every school in Grant Parish failed last week.

Sheriff McCain told us this incident stemmed from bullying.

"It wasn't a joke," said Sheriff McCain. "It stemmed from bullying. What we have learned in school shootings across America that is what is causing the majority of them. Kids are just...'I'm just fed up, I'm tired of being picked on and made fun of.' They think this is an option."

Sheriff McCain also told us that the plan was not to target anyone specific, "It was going to be random. There was not a specific target. They were just going to shoot."

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