Toddler befriends his street's sanitation workers

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PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - A Pineville toddler has made some unlikely friends who stop by every week. RJ White is two years old, and the Pineville sanitation workers who take care of the trash on his street are some of his best friends.

"He'll start looking out the window, and he'll hear them coming down our street. Now, they honk to us," said Rebecca White, RJ’s mom.

Rebecca said RJ knows that Tuesdays and Fridays are garbage days. He helps get everything ready for the sanitation workers to come.

"He'll clean out the can, put a new bag in and then he just waits," said Rebecca.

However, Rebecca said RJ didn’t always love the sanitation workers.

"At first he thought they were taking our stuff so I had to explain, you know, how they clean and help us keep everything nice and tidy,” said Rebecca. “He was like 'Oh, okay.'"

RJ became more and more interested in the big, red truck coming down his driveway. Before long, that truck became the most exciting part of his day.

Bip Sewell drives the garbage truck that RJ loves, and he said seeing RJ waiting for him as he pulls in brings him joy.

"To know that you really put a smile on a child’s face, I can drive well,” said Sewell. “He makes my day."

RJ soon realized that the driver of the garbage truck was pretty nice too. RJ showed Sewell his toy truck, and Sewell let RJ get a good look at his garbage truck.

"That's one of your brand new trucks?” Asked Sewell. You've got a garbage truck and I’ve got one."

Over the months the two have become best friends.

"I know they have other routes and other houses to get to so I have to kind of make him start walking off, or he'll keep them here all morning,” said Rebecca. “He doesn't like goodbyes."

Fortunately for RJ, the sanitation workers haven’t let him down. He is learning they’ll be on the job next week too.

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