Tour of AMMS leaves U.S. education official impressed

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - In October 2018, the Orchard Foundation received a grant for more than four million dollars with a purpose to improve middle school education in Cenla.

Source: KALB

On Tuesday morning, Frank Brogan, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education for Elementary and Secondary Education, visited Alexandria to see how an at-risk school was using the funds.

Brogan, along with school board members and elected officials, got a closer look at how the Alexandria Middle Magnet School Jaguars spend their days.

Brogan was impressed with the leadership of Principal Dennis Stewart and said he would send his son to AMMS if he lived in Alexandria.

“After I visit schools, I have my own little checklist with one box on it: Will I send my son to this school? And, the answer here is absolutely,” Brogan explained. “This is a school that cares about its children, but still expects its children to do better every single day. They're willing to put their career on the line to make sure that happens. That’s what we need more of in this country."

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