Town of Ball Council meeting heats up with attempt to remove Mayor Kavanagh from office

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BALL, La. (KALB) - Seats were filled at Tuesday's Town of Ball Council meeting.

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After addressing the several items on the agenda, Mayor Pro Tem Kimberly Krischke filed a motion to add an item to the agenda. That item was for the council to vote to remove current mayor Neil Kavanagh from office.

"It's time for the council to go ahead and remove Kavanaugh from office,” said Krischke. “He was not elected on Nov. 6 last year."

All of this comes just a day after the state Supreme Court denied to hear the appeal of Roy Hebron, the former mayor and convicted felon who won re-election last fall but was barred from serving because of a new constitutional amendment that won't allow a felon to serve until five years after their sentence ends. It makes him ineligible until 2022.

City Attorney Brian Cespiva stepped in after Krischke's motion, suggesting that the council take other steps, which would involve going back to court, before making a decision.

"We've been basically in legal limbo because there’s no legal precedence for what happened here,” Cespiva said. “The council wants to move on. The town wants to move on."

The council plans to revisit the issue at a special meeting on April 2.

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