Town of Ball audit report discussed at special council meeting, results in 'disclaimer of opinion'

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BALL, La. (KALB) - The Town of Ball held a special council meeting on Thursday evening with a few items on the agenda, but the one that drew the most attention was discussing the 2017-2018 audit report.

Special council meeting in the Town of Ball. | Photo Source: KALB

The audit, done by Rozier, Harrington and McKay CPA Firm, resulted in a 'disclaimer of opinion,’ meaning not enough evidence was received for the firm to draw an official conclusion.

However, the audit reported that the town was non-compliant with several regulations. Some of those issues were brought up at Thursday's meeting.

One of those issues was an $800,000 budget deficit. According to auditors, that was due in part to an unbudgeted roofing project and legal settlement, just to name a couple.

It was also reported that the town had not been meeting monthly to go over the budget and make sure everything is in check.

Another concern was $150,000 that were supposed to go to the Ball Police Department that year but never made it there. So, where did it go? Auditor Steven McKay said that money also went to building the senior citizen roof, legal fees and “lots of one off stuff that wasn't originally anticipated.”

So, how does the town move forward and make sure it complies with regulations?

"The town, the council and the mayor and the finance director are going to be much more cognizant in making things timely, meeting timely on this every month,” said McKay. “And that by itself is going to fix a lot. And to also, really, take a hard look whenever we think about making a big purchase that we don't just make the purchase, plan the purchase out and figure out exactly what and that things are a priority. That we're going to carefully figure out what level of service we need to bring to different departments."

A decision was made to form a finance committee.

Members of that committee will be decided by Tuesday.

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