Trailer out for a film shot in Alexandria: 'Class Rank'

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - A trailer has been released for "Class Rank", an independent film that was shot in Alexandria.

Source: KALB

The film was produced by Cenla native Shaun S. Sanghani, who says Cenla residents should take the time to see the film to support the local individuals that made the production possible.

"The film was funded by local investors, comprised of local crew, local actors, locations, and it would never exist if it hadn't been for the people of Central Louisiana," Sanghani said.

"Class Rank" follows the story of two high school students who team up to take over their school board and change policies they find unfair for the student body. A subject Sanghani says has become more relevant than ever.

"The story is unique as it is set in high school and relevant to what is going on today with youngsters trying to take an active voice and affect change," said Sanghani. "That is pure coincidence but it is happening."

Principal photography started in Alexandria in November 2015 where sites such as Bolton High School, Alexandria City Council, and Kroger were used as locations. The production was process was brutal due to its limited financing. Still, Sanghani says that local viewers will very be impressed by the quality of the final product.

"It is a real film and just seeing people they know, places they go to every day, it's just an overall cool experience and my guess is most people will think this film is better than the average film they may go see at the theater," Sanghani said.

The film was directed by Eric Stoltz and stars Olivia Holt, Skyler Gisondo, and Bruce Dern.

"Class Rank" is scheduled for theatrical release on May 11th, 2018.

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