Trial date to be selected in Matthew Sonnier death penalty case in two weeks

RAPIDES PARISH, La. (KALB) - A date for the death penalty trial for Matthew Sonnier, 31 of Alexandria, will be selected on Sept. 23, according to Rapides Parish special prosecutor, Lea Hall.

Matthew Sonnier | Photo Source: KALB

Sonnier was in court on Monday for a defense motion filed by his capital defense attorneys that aims to suppress information obtained during the stop of his truck, during a search of that truck, and his statement made to the Pineville Police Department following his arrest the day of the murders of Latish White, Kendrick Horn and Jeremy Norris. The murders took place back on Oct. 18, 2017. Sonnier's sister, Ebony, also faces the death penalty for her involvement.

Hall called several Pineville Police Department officers to testify in court on Monday about their involvement the day of the crimes, specifically involving the murder of White, and how they properly obtained search warrants and conducted a traffic stop to arrest Sonnier.

One more witness with the police department still needs to be called. That witness will take the stand on Sept. 23, the same day a trial date is expected to be set. After that, Judge Chris Hazel will rule on if the motion will be granted or denied.

Attorneys for Ebony Sonnier are trying to get evidence suppressed in her case as well. She will also be back in court on Sept. 23, but in front of Judge Mary Doggett. Her trial is currently set for March 2020, but prosecutors expect it to get pushed back to allow the trial for her brother to move forward first.

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