Truck discovered in pond helps solve 1989 Rapides cold case murders

The Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office found a truck last week in a private pond that matches the description of one two women went missing in back in 1989. (Source: KALB)
The Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office found a truck last week in a private pond that matches the description of one two women went missing in back in 1989. (Source: KALB)(KALB)
Published: Oct. 16, 2019 at 4:09 PM CDT
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The Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office said it solved a 30-year-old cold case and arrested the husband of one of two missing women involved in it.

Last week, investigators discovered a muddy truck deep in the water of a murky pond off of Highway 71 South. That discovery helped them crack a case from 1989.

"You never forget," said Sheriff William Earl Hilton at a press conference on Wednesday. "These things haunt you for all of your life."

According to the sheriff's office, in July 1989, Isabelle Blair, 34, split with her husband, Robert "Bobby" Brunson Blair, now 71. She got into a Nissan truck with her friend, Marian Coutee, 31. The two were never seen again.

Evidence was limited. And, the sheriff's office spent the next 30 years trying to put the pieces together. But, they never could quite fit. But, about a month ago, they received information that would heat up the cold case.

"This case became cold after he (Major Mark Baden) had worked on it for quite some time," said Sheriff Hilton. "And, about two months ago, Major Baden received information that assisted him in reopening this case."

Last week, deputies, with the help of several other law enforcement agencies and the City of Alexandria, hit an object in a pond on private property. Contact was made with the new landowner, and as investigators told us, the property was previously owned by the family of Blair. As they began to drain the water, the mystery of the missing women and that missing truck started to rise up.

Blair was arrested Tuesday and faces two counts of first-degree murder. News Channel 5 was there as he was brought in to the jail.

We dug into Blair's marriage history through Rapides Parish Clerk of Court records. We learned that his marriage to Isabelle was his third in May 1985.

Court records filed in June 1989, in a petition for separation filed by Bobby, state that the two separated in March 1989 when Isabelle "without warning...abandoned the matrimonial regime and has refused to return despite repeated requests."

When Blair remarried in 2010, on the certificate, he stated that marriage would be his first.

Solving the case is bittersweet for some.

"It feels very good. I always work for the victim. You know, through my whole career, I always had the victim out front - the victim and their family," said Major Baden, who was assigned to the case back when the disappearance occurred. "What is really sad is both victims' parents are deceased now. We didn't quite make it in time."

The sheriff isn't saying if they been able to get information from Blair about the location of the women's remains. He said the investigation is ongoing.

Meanwhile, the bond for Blair is set at $2,000,000.

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