Tuesday, June 14 is World Blood Donor Day

Tuesday June 14, 2016 is World Blood Donor Day. Source: KALB-TV

ALEXANDRIA, La (KALB) - Blood donors worldwide will be honored on Tuesday, June 14 on World Blood Donor Day. This day is set aside to honor those who donate their blood to help others, many of whom they don't even know.

April Lemoine, a donor recruiter for LifeShare Blood Center in Alexandria, said that World Blood Donor Day is a way to say "thank you" to everyone who donates.

"They are the lifesavers of all of us, all of the blood supply that we collect goes back to our community, and so it gives us a day to bring them in...we feed you snacks and treats and get some more blood supply in and really just make that awareness of why it's so important," Lemoine said.

According to Lemoine, one in three people are in need of blood. She also said that 30 percent of the blood supply is used to treat cancer patients. That supply drops off dramatically during the summer months.

"During the summer months, we loose all of our high schools and our schools so our supply dramatically drops," Lemoine said. "We loose about 33 percent, so having this during the summertime to get people aware and then to come out and donate helps boost (the supply of blood)."

Lemoine also said that her number one job is to make sure the community knows why they should donate.

"Most people don't think about one in three people needing blood," Lemoine said. "They don't think about whenever you are going into labor and having a baby, there is a bag of blood waiting for you, they don't think about the small things, about the cancer patients that use it continuously, they don't think about if a tragedy strikes, 'oh somebody's going to need that blood,' and then when something big does happen everybody starts thinking about it."

One way to eliminate the blood supply shortage is for people to become regular blood donors.

"If one percent of the population started donating blood again on a regular basis, there would never be a blood shortage," Lemoine said.

For those considering donating on Tuesday, see the Related Links section of the page to find a mobile blood drive near you, or visit the LifeShare center on North Mall Drive in Alexandria.

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