Turkey Creek Mayor warns drug criminals on Facebook

TURKEY CREEK, La. (KALB) - The Mayor of Turkey Creek, a small village in Evangeline Parish, is speaking out on social media about a problem that's getting worse in the area.

Turkey Creek Mayor, Heather Cloud, goes to Facebook to address an uptick of drug activity in the community.

"We're going to do something about it. We have to as a community,” said Heather Cloud, Mayor of Turkey Creek. “I have a zero tolerance for this sort of behavior."

A big problem for the small village of Turkey Creek is an uptick in drug activity.

"Vehicles dropping drugs on the side of our streets, I know who some of you are," said Cloud.

Cloud, the village's mayor, took to Facebook recently to speak out on Turkey Creek's rampant drug problem, especially of all places, Drouet Park, a local family park.

"We are going to put more cameras up and we're going to catch you and when we catch you we are going to prosecute you,” said Cloud. “We are going to bring in the full force of the law."

It’s a video making waves in the small town, and a problem some say is getting worse.

"I don't think they have enough room in the jail to fit everyone out here who's on drugs," said Savannah Andrus, who has lived in Turkey Creek for just over a year.

Andrus works at one of the local pit stops and said the problem is happening there too.

"We watch them deal drugs out in the parking lot at work over here," said Andrus.

Andrus even fears for the safety of her kids.

"My kids can't even ride their bikes because I’m scared of people out in the parking lot," said Andrus.

Andy Chaddrick, a lifelong resident of Turkey Creek, said the drug problems are in his neighborhood.

“Happened next door to my house, and there’s nothing I could do about it,” said Chaddrick.

Chaddrick said it’s so bad the drug deals are in broad daylight.

“I mean everybody knows what goes on,” said Chaddrick. “Nothing is secret anymore they don’t hide it, there’s no point.”

But the mayor wants everyone to follow suit and speak out.

“We want citizens to take pictures and take videos of this sort of activity,” said Cloud.

And Mayor Cloud fired a final warning shot.

“I’m telling you now think hard before you decide to come to Turkey Creek and participate in illegal activity and disturb our peace, think hard now," said Cloud.

Mayor cloud said they've increased surveillance at Drouet park by tenfold today.

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