Two killed in Glenmora structure fire

GLENMORA, La. (State Fire Marshal) - A structure fire in the Glenmora community has taken the lives of two people, according to the Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal.

Photo Credit: Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal

The Spring Creek Volunteer Fire Department responded to the call at the 1500 block of Milder Road around 7:00 a.m. on Thursday.

State Fire Marshal investigators say the victims of the fire are believed to be a 75-year-old male and a 69-year-old female, but their identities remain unknown at this time. Both bodies were located close to each other and just a foot away from the only exit in the home.

Investigators believe the fire started near the south side of the house, towards the front, in close proximity to a travel trailer parked under a carport.

While the exact cause of the fire is undetermined at this time, investigators observed several electrical wires running through the structure, in addition to locating lawn and mechanical equipment in what is believed to be the area of origin. They also located two breaker panels being run to the home and the travel trailer. There were no smoke alarms located in the remains of the structure.

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