US, St. James schools reach pact in 1965 desegregation case

Cropped Photo: U.S. Department of Education / CC BY 2.0 / MGN

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - A court-approved agreement could end federal supervision of school desegregation efforts in St. James Parish, Louisiana, in three years.

Court records show the agreement between the St. James school district and the U.S. Justice Department was approved Monday by a federal judge in a federal school desegregation case dating back to 1965. The Justice Department said in a Tuesday news release that it worked "hand-in-hand" with St. James officials on the agreement.

The 27-page pact requires the St. James district to implement a new assignment plan to desegregate three nearly all-black elementary schools. Also, the district is to revise its code of conduct to ensure fairness in disciplinary matters; and, it will take steps to recruit a diverse pool of applicants for faculty and staff vacancies.

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