U.S. judge hearing arguments to halt North Carolina bathroom law reignites debate

Kellie Fiedorek says it's common sense to keep these North Carolina laws in place for the privacy of citizens.
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - The bathroom fight continues. A U.S. judge in North Carolina this week is hearing arguments to temporarily block the state’s law requiring people to use the restroom that corresponds to the gender they were born with, until the issue goes to trial this fall.

"It’s a very commonsense measure," said Kellie Fiedorek, legal counsel at Alliance Defending Freeom. "It simply ensures the privacy of every North Carolinian.

Alliance Defending Freedom defends marriage and religious liberty. Fiedorek is in favor of North Carolina’s law.

"As Americans we should find better common sense solutions to make sure the privacy interests of all citizens are protected," said Fiedorek.

But this issue goes well beyond the Tar Heel State. Other states are fighting President Obama’s so-called "bathroom directive", which allows transgender people to use bathrooms of the gender they identify with.

"It’s going to be a long ongoing battle," said Fiedorek. "There’s obviously a lot of cases. Over twenty three states have sued the Department of Justice and the Department of Education over this issue."

Sarah McBride is a transgender woman. She says the ongoing attack on transgender rights is hurtful.

"It demeans me and transgender people like me," said McBride. "And it devalues our lives and our worth."

McBride says she simply doesn’t belong in a men’s bathroom. She thinks the fact that a judge is hearing arguments to halt this law is a sign that Americans are on board with that thinking.

"It’s been a hard couple months," said McBride. "But the response I think has demonstrated that discrimination never wears well in history, and that public support is on the side of transgender people and our basic dignity."

A decision on temporarily blocking the law is expected next week. The real trial expected to begin November 14.

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