Universal will release controversial 'Hunt' film in March

LOS ANGELES, Cali. (CNN) - A satirical thriller laced with over-the-top violence will get its second chance in the movie theaters.

Poster for Blumhouse Productions' controversial film "The Hunt" | Source: Blumhouse Productions via MGN

Universal Pictures released a new trailer for "The Hunt" - and the film is now set for release on March 13.

The movie was originally scheduled to come out last fall.

However, it was put on hold following a string of mass shootings in Texas, California and Ohio.

The storyline depicts what's been dubbed as "liberal elites" kidnapping and killing people they call "deplorables" for sport.

The movie drew the ire of many, including President Donald Trump, even though he didn't mention it by name.

The film’s producer told the Variety Magazine the film takes shots equally at both sides of the political divide.

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