University Academy acknowledges 2019 graduates

Photo courtesy: University Academy

(University Academy) - According to University Academy, the graduation class of 2019 has received the highest percentage of scholarship dollars offered to any previous graduating class of the school. The students were offered over $2.5 million, which includes TOPS.

Several students received higher ACT scores on the April test and the admissions offices are recalculating their officers.

Benjamin Butter received the Chancellor's Award for the highest GPA of all associate candidates who were awarded their Associate's Degrees from LSUA.

Cameron Sicuro was also recognized as the first full-time athlete to receive his Associate's Degree.

Tyler Carlin
Benjamin Butter
Rachel Gohmert
Blayne McWilliams
Cameron Sicuro
Kelsey Tate
Rebekah Daigrepont
Sevanah Howard
Adele Pouncey
Madison Bellard
Caroline Drell
Gabrielle Jeansonne
Jake Riche

Layton Andrus
Caroline Beard
Rachel Piertite

Hunter Arnaud
Jillian Compton
Logan Paul
Alexandria Tamburo
Cameryn Batiste
Robert Fontenot
Brandon Richardson
Trace Bradford
Steston Nichols
Declan Robinson

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