VPSO detectives closer to solving 30-year-old cold cases

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LEESVILLE, La. (KALB) - In May of 1989, 23-year-old Pamela Miller went missing in Vernon Parish. It wasn’t until November of the same year that her remains were found by hunters on Peason Ridge in Fort Polk, right across the road from where the 45th Chemical Company was bivouacked.

Her killer was never found, and her case went cold along with the case of Tammy Call, who was last seen near Leesville High School.

These cases were re-opened last year with a special task force of new detectives, detectives who believe their killer could have been a Ft. Polk soldier.

Now, those involved with the case say they're closer than ever to finding the person responsible for their deaths.

"All the evidence keeps coming back to this one person,” said former Louisiana State Police officer Rickey Robertson, who was the first officer to arrive to Pamela’s crime scene.

After re-interviewing witnesses, new forensic technology and DNA samples, detectives could be on track to identifying the girls' killer.
Dective Twyman with VPSO says they could possibly be “one test away” from ending this search for justice.

Now, almost 30 years later, Tammy's parents remain in Fort Polk. They say their faith has been their foundation since their daughter never returned from school.

"You hear it preached and said all the time that, you know, give you problems to the lord, right?” said Tammy’s father Joe Call. “Because he cares for you as 2 Peter says. He knows what you need before you ask, so without being able to give it to him, we couldn’t function."

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