Valentine's Day flowers from online sites differ from local shops

PINEVILLE (KALB) - Many will send the holiday’s signature gift this Valentine’s Day, flowers, but do you know exactly what you’re sending?

Many online sites do not prearrange flowers; they are delivered in a box. Your loved one is responsible for cutting down the flowers, pulling off excess leaves, and placing them in a vase. Some believe it takes the romance out of the gift.

But who can resist the prices which advertise significantly lower prices, however, it may not be so competitive.

KALB purchased flowers advertised at $19.99 for a dozen red roses. In the end, we paid double the price because of shipping fees, care and handling fees, and taxes. That price did not include a rush delivery fee that many may encounter if orders are place a day or two before the holiday.

Regardless of if you order local or online, expect higher shipping fees.

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