Vernon Parish Lake Commission provides the latest updates about Vernon Lake

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VERNON LAKE, La. (KALB) - This past August, a Vernon Parish resident shared with KALB her concerns about Vernon Lake.

Officials with the Vernon Parish Lake Commission speak about the latest updates regarding Vernon Lake.| KALB

"It's just heartbreaking," Kimberley Kezerle, a Vernon Parish resident said in August of 2019. "This was our retirement home and where we planned on raising our grandkids."

Six months later, Kezerle shared with KALB an update.

"This is all we got left just a stream," Kezerle said, standing on the back porch while pointing at Vernon Lake.

The water has not made it back to where it once was, but according to Jason Nolde, the chairman of the Vernon Parish Lake Commission, it's only a matter of time.

"We keep getting these rains like we are getting, and it's only a matter of time," Nolde said. "We are getting inches a day when we get those rains."

Which leads to Kezerle's second biggest fear.

"We just worry about how they are going to control it," Kezerle explained while talking about the rise of the water. "Are they going to wait until we are almost flooded again in our homes, or are they going to gradually release the water?"

Kezerle like many residents wants the water back, but she wants to hear from Vernon Parish officials about what's being done to ensure residents the will not flood like it did in previous years.

"We don't have a gate like a lot of people think of," Nolde said. "[Most people] think of Toledo Bend, [and] these huge gates that are designed to address a flooding issue. The gate on Vernon Lake is approximately a six-by-six gate."

This means the spillway is the lake's only defense for excessive flooding, and when that fails mother nature can take over.

"The water used to come up to the seawall here," Kezerle said, while standing the dock in her backyard. "We always had a lot of fish come up here."

Another question residents had concerning Vernon Lake, "When will the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries stock the lake?"

"The lake is a top priority in the state to be stocked once it gets up to a certain level," Nolde answered. "I'm not sure exactly what the level is that they will begin stocking at."

The lake will be stocked with bluegill, redear, shad, and large-mouth bass.

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