Vernon Parish farming couple selling their fresh produce online

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VERNON PARISH, La. (KALB) - A Vernon Parish couple is taking a new approach to farming by selling their own produce online.

Patti and Fredie Manes | Image Credit: KALB

Leesville couple Patti and Fredie Manes have spent years teaching themselves the ins and outs of farming, trial, and error leading them to where they are now.

"What we've learned is that it doesn't have to be perfect, Fredie said. “Nature's not perfect."

It’s something the retired couple sees as something not only to enjoy, but has made into a business, selling not just at farmers markets, but now online.

"As you order, the inventory decreases. And once it sells out, it basically falls off the page," Fredie said.

By visiting their Facebook page, consumers can order the products they want and have it delivered to their doorstep, avoiding that trip to the grocery store.

"We deliver from Hornbeck to Deridder on 171,” Fredie said.

This new approach to marketing produce has given the community quicker, easier access to fresh locally grown organic vegetables.

"I've always gardened organically because that's always been a concern of mine, the stuff they spray on their food. And that's another reason I don't even spray," Fredie said.

They said buying local and fresh definitely has its benefits.

"If you buy a salad, it's going to last two or three days. If you buy one of our salads, we've heard from our customers that they'd had them for three weeks," Patti said.

As for what products they sell, the Manes' said they change with time.

"The public's mind changes. Like a few years ago you couldn't carry enough kale to the farmer's market,” Fredie said.

"Nobody wants to see that stuff!" Patti said.

Going forward, the couple plans to keep the Central Louisiana community happy with their growing farm.

To order from Patti and Fredie, or learn more about their products, visit their Facebook page, "From the Ground LLC" and click the shop now button. Check “Related Links”.

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