Vernon Parish kids have 'Lunch with Lydia' as part of cancer research fundraiser

Austin and Anden Wilson have 'Lunch with Lydia' as part of Mt. Bethel's online auction to raise...
Austin and Anden Wilson have 'Lunch with Lydia' as part of Mt. Bethel's online auction to raise money for Relay for Life last month.<br />(KALB)(KALB)
Published: Apr. 18, 2019 at 6:51 PM CDT
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On Thursday 12-year-old Austin and 9-year-old Anden Wilson, both students at Anacoco Elementary School spent the afternoon with KALB's Lydia Magallanes for 'Lunch with Lydia.' It was an item in the Mount Bethel Baptist Church online auction as part of the Vernon Parish Relay for Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society last month.

The brothers said that their aunt bid on the lunch on their behalf because of their special connection to KALB. Viola Hillman or MawMaw Hillman who passed away in February was Tom Konvicka's 'biggest fan.'

"Tom Konvicka actually came to where maw maw was in the hospital just to make her feel happy," said Austin holding up a picture of Konvicka holding his great grandmother's hand.

"She didn't watch any other news channel except for Channel Five because that's the only channel she believed in," added Anden. The family has a picture of the brothers holding gifts, taken just a few days before MawMaw Hillman passed. Anden describes a memory with his great grandmother, captured in another picture where she's holding a driver's license. He said Hillman couldn't drive but he prayed that she would eventually get her license.

Austin also recalls a day they brought MawMaw to her church, Pine Grove Baptist in Mora. "We took her to church where Tom was the preacher. She just loved Tom Konvicka."

Austin also likes the weather. In May 2017 he was featured in former KALB Meteorologist Trevor Sonnier's segment called Weather with Trevor. KALB checked the archives and found Austin's television debut, where he told Sonnier he liked "any kind of weather that lets us get a day off from school. But mostly cold weather."

"He actually tricked me and told me this was a practice run and he just went ahead and he filmed it all," laughed Austin.

Magallanes asked the young man if there was anyone at KALB that he looked up to.

"Probably you!" he said. "Because you're just pretty cool and I like how you just get to go all over the place and you show everything and you just get to learn how everything is going down."

Thank you to Mt. Bethel for providing a Wagon Master gift card, to Cuore Coffee for shelter from the rain (and Ruth Langhorne for getting the coffee bill) and especially the Wilson family for spending the afternoon with Lydia Magallanes.

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