Victims speak out after crime spree in Pollock neighborhoods

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POLLOCK, La. (KALB) - The three Pollock men that were arrested on multiple charges following an investigation that began after the Grant Parish Sheriff's Office received several reports of thefts and trespassing have recently apologized to some of the victims they affected.

Kobe Killian, Kameron Killian, Triston Williams | Source of Photos: GPSO

GPSO said more than 30 homes were targeted, during the spree.

One victim, Samantha Clagg, said she and her husband’s home was targeted twice.

“Well, the first week on a Friday night, our mailbox got destroyed, and they ripped up a yard sign, and tried to rip up our wired landscaping lights."

Clagg explained, after the second incident, it was hard for her to sleep for a couple of nights.

"I was surprised that they came up on our porch,” Clagg said. “They took off all of our chairs and stacked them up in front of the door, and then sat two chairs out here, like they were watching us, it was terrifying, it really was."

News Channel 5 spoke to another victim who didn't want to be identified, but said it’s important to share her story.

“When we have individuals come and destroy things that don't belong to them, it's very disheartening and frustrating,” the victim explained. “They just hung out on our carport, looking in our windows, on the sides of our house, front of our house, they meddled through things on our carport, they took some items that were on our carport, and took them apart and threw them into the neighbor’s yard, one of the items hitting the neighbors' truck."

Grant Parish Sheriff Steven McCain said the amount of homes targeted is the most he’s witnessed in one single case, involving the same defendants.

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