Videos show chaotic NOPD shootout at Prytania Street CVS

Published: Jun. 25, 2019 at 8:22 PM CDT
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Dramatic body cam and surveillance video were released by the NOPD Tuesday, showing the chaotic scene that unfolded during a violent shootout at the CVS pharmacy on Prytania St. last Monday.

Fulfilling a pledge of transparency in his police department, Superintendent Shaun Ferguson released video from four angles of a brazen morning shoot out at the CVS drugstore, just over a week after it happened.

“Stop get on the ground, we got two, we got two in here,” the officers are heard saying on the video.

NOPD said the officers initially responded to a report of an armed robbery and arrived at the scene within two minutes of getting the call. The video shows the officers confront the two suspects, Alan Parson, and Richard Sansbury, who retreated into the store. One of the officers is then heard saying, “He’s got a gun," before both officers left the store to take cover just outside the doors.

Chad Clark and two other officers took defensive positions outside the store. As the suspects emerge, you can hear them telling the officers to back up.

But the officers held their positions. And as the suspects ran out of the store, they began firing, striking officer Clark in the shoulder. Clark can be heard on the video groans. The video shows he’d been shaken by the shot, but stayed on his feet as he and other officers return fire.

Clark continued firing at the suspects after taking a new position. Two other officers on the other side of the entrance also fired dozens of shots at suspects. Police said Alan Parson is the suspect in the dark hoodie and Richard Sansbury in the gray.

The officers’ bullets struck Parson three times and he was quickly apprehended. The second suspect, Sansbury, was struck once and escaped into the neighborhood. He was captured about two hours later.

“I commend these officers for their bravery and their courage, more specifically Officer Clark who was still able to stand and return fire against these individuals,” Ferguson said.

He said the video shows officers did exactly what they’re trained to do and that it’s remarkable no one was seriously hurt.

“They knew the individuals were armed, and they made the proper approach, and things erupted in a split second,” Ferguson said.

Clark remained unidentified until the video was released. Ferguson said he is now at home and doing fine.

Two other officers involved in the shooting have been reassigned per NOPD procedure while an internal investigation into the shooting continues.

Both suspects remained behind bars, in lieu of bonds of over $1 million each.

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